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I am G.ChandraShekar Rao born on 3 rd june 1958 in NandaVarika Brahmin family, Gadwal (Town), Mahabubnagar (Dist), AP (India).

I am the sixth born to my parents Sri G.Somasundar Rao and Indiramma. I have three senior brothers and two senior sisters. My father was a teacher, teaching telugu and Social studies. My father was a peaceful and sober type person. The villages adored my father. We all revered loved and profoundly concerned with out mother. My childhood passed on in the love and affection of my mother.

Our mother lead the family exactly in accordance with out traditions, but with effort as a family was large our nurture in the hands of the mother is the key of our present positions.

I was admitted in Agraharam School in 1963 for the first time. My father was the teacher in the same school. My attention did not fix on studies in those days as I stuck up with my father always. I tasted the rigor of discipline in that school after my father was transferred to a distant school. Slowly my attention grew on studies.

The financial position of out large family was not well off. To make both the ends meet my father used to give home tuitions and work strenuously.

Our mother love music very much the same seeped into all the six children. I used to sing at every chance I got. Wherever mike was setting in the village the people in the surroundings were to harken my songs. all these did not deter my studies. Teachers and my friends wondered when i studied. I used to spend time joyly with others but I studied with concentration after all slept in our home.

There were no competitions in education in those days and aimed only at wisdom without being backed by thought for earning money. I completed my SSC in 1973 without any obstacles. I joined Inter HEC I year in Maharani Adilaxmidevamma Arts & Science college, Gadwal.

Hard days begin in my studies new standards were set in education, many students logged by behind in studies taking me one among them. and i failed Intermediate. This gave me a gentle touch my mind. With the encouragement of my friend Raghu started worship in VINAYAKA and also fastings I continued studies with the benevolence of VIGHNA HARANA VINAYAKA, I again passed with first division marks.

Worried about my future my parents send me to my eldest brother Umamaheshwara Rao in Hyderabad in 1980 to learn further studies as well as music. I join B.A in NEW SCIENCE Degree College at Hyderabad and Music course in Tyagaraya Music College. I got a certificate of 4 years music course with hard efforts and also degree in 1986.

In 1977 I was selected as casual artist in ALL INDIA RADIO YUVAVANI(Hyd-B). I reached my audience through All India Radio by then only. In 1987 I was selected as casual artist in Hyd-A station also. I served my parents at home one year, as the health condition of my father was not good. During that period I worked in a convent as a music teacher at a remuneration of just Rs.100/-. During this period I was much worried about the health of my father. In 1986 while search of job I approached the Chaitanya Central School, Mahabubnagar, gave an audition of my music and was offered a salary of Rs.900/- per month. I joined the job with the permission of my mother on 3rd March 1986 and with the grace of Mata Saraswathi teaching Karnataka music, Lalitha Sangeetham, Light music, Patriotic Songs, Annamayya Keertanas and Traditional Music. My students stood first in the National Group singing competition conducted by the Bharatheeya Vikas Parishad in sept 2004. My students stood always first since 2000 in the National Group singing at the district level. Not only these at every music competition after 2000 including those conducted by TTD of Annamayya Keertanas, my sudents are victorious in 1st ,2nd & 3rd grades. In 1992 my students who sung patriotic songs were admired by the Honorable District Collector L.V.Subramanyam.
In the year 2003, I shifted to my own residence D.No: 8-4-112, Near Krishna Temple, Mahabubnagar. My residence is surrounded with temples like Krishna Temple, Kaklikamata Temple and Ayyappa Swamy Temple and Panchamuka Anjaneya Swamy Temple. My residence is on hill place surrounded with holy temples. If a person comes here, the mind becomes clear of fresh the atmosphere of my sweet home gave me encouragement to open a music school.

The 598th Annamayya Jayanthi ….

That day I deeply throught what I can give the GOD on this holy day?

Suddenly a idea flashed my mind. On every Saturday morning I should go to a devotees home. There I should sing 7 ANNAMAYYA KEERTANAS and 108 GOVINDA NAAMAS without any expectations. Like this on 108 Saturdays I should give programmes. On the 109th Saturday a big programme should be conducted in my house in the presence of the devotees from 1008 families. After 108 programmes, I should still comtinue this noble ---------- till my body cooperates me.